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Welcomes contributions of bravo servicemen & women.

Several adventurers opportunities for unemployed/pensioners.

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Unless institution establishes hidden talents practicalities in patrons care presence to help make a differences in people all descended from own backgrounds still struggling in original Countries.

Fundraising creations rewards lifetime give'n'take opportunities & not depended upon public purse donations. Australian & New Zealanders patron members while enjoying adventurers lifestyle only visit to see achievements are progressing.

Entrepreneurial jobs creations always remains intellectual properties of Australia. Visionaries focus creations are only to add many new lines of work in any field that is no threats or in competitions to the existing establishments.

Possibilities of opportunities mapping-out for the have nots all battling in a hope to combat the gaps by closing, are requested of all Aussies families to revisit experiences & think of own past before adopting the worthy cause to help families, friends & relatives of own backgrounds still living abroad.

To establish non profit organisation is pledging for nominees support, from Australians & New Zealand families to nominate one sibling for patron membership & receive 2 memberships rewards lifetime plus job opportunities in the fundraising spheres.

Strategies for career professional, in all projects & developments rewards also a lifetime employment to only actively registered members by achievements & progressing.

Ozzyhelpozzy banner strategies creations demonstrates economy growth only to uplifting a standard of living in any Country.

Under our banner a good will establishment administration is for a one stop shop creations.

Connecting Entity

Non-profit establishment , is the reality inheritance of a profound mentality cultural that runs benevolence in the blood of an Aussie.

Evolutionaries innovates originated culturally mentality absorbed naturally dedications like a non stopping therapy commitments exceptionally gifted force driven abilities enthusiastically found only in communities all descended of India

Non-profit attributes characterising culturally extremeness attitudes positively natural to rise above and beyond along with re-living memories of true events like still very fresh in telling all past experiences of life stories.

Islamic/Muslim unified communities display extremely polite culturally attitudes always adjusting to reliving all over again from scratch rebuilding forever to a new start in life.

African continents of 54 sovereigns countries, with culturally rich communities, also very talented beautiful people striving force for higher achievements, facing hardships at work.

Asian nations, embedded with cultural driven entrepreneurial resilience mentality are naturally so real mindsets not afraid of risking any transformations towards a sustainable future, always ready for seizing opportunities.

Australian ventured establishment conducting beyond & in-depth research to get it right, costing a lot of time & money for challenges facing now is relying for the public support.